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The Child Abuse Prevention Center is a national and international training, education, research and resource center dedicated to protecting children and building healthy families. Our good work is making a difference. About the Center...

Birth & Beyond logo The Birth & Beyond Family Resource Centers offer a wide range of free services to Sacramento County’s Families, including pregnant moms and new dads. Birth & Beyond Family Resource Centers offer Nurturing Parenting Home Visitation, Crisis Intervention, School Readiness, Parenting Workshops, Community Referrals, and FUN ACTIVITIES for the entire family! Click for a list of programs and locations and referral forms.

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Straight Talk About Child Sexual Abuse

Parents and guardians need to take specific steps to strengthen safety and reduce opportunities for child sexual abuse. This guide will give you the information and skills you need to do just that.


What is Unlawful Corporal Punishment?

Harsh disciplinary measures leave permanent emotional scars. So, what constitutes going too far when punishing a child?


Blue Ribbon Commission Recommendations

African American children die at a rate two times higher than children of other races in Sacramento County. To respond, County Supervisor Phil Serna created a Blue Ribbon Commission.


The ABC's of Infant Safe Sleeping

Every other week in Sacramento County, a baby dies while sleeping. To prevent these tragic deaths, remember your ABC's - make sure your baby sleeps ALONE, on their BACK and in a CRIB.


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