Mandated Child Abuse Reporter Training (MCART) workshops and training on the issues of Child Sexual Abuse and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSA/CSEC) are now being offered as a three-hour live virtual training through Zoom. These training opportunities are free of charge to agencies and individuals within Sacramento County. Agencies can schedule a private session for their staff or Mandated Reporters can attend one of the Open to the Public sessions listed below.

A brief overview of MCART:

The workshop teaches mandated reporters their legal responsibilities to report known or suspected child abuse and neglect in California, how to recognize indicators (red flags) of the different types of abuse and neglect, and how to make a Suspected Child Abuse Report. This training is for participants who work with children and/or families. The California Penal Code states, “The absence of training shall not excuse a mandated reporter from the duties imposed by the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act.” (CPC11165.7[e])

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  • Wednesday, July 10, 2024, 8am - 11am

  • Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 1pm - 4pm

  • Wednesday, August 14, 2024, 8am - 11am 

  • Thursday, August 29, 2024, 1pm - 4pm 

  • Wednesday, September11, 2024, 8am - 11am 

  • Monday, September 30, 2024, 1pm - 4pm 

  • Wednesday, October 9, 2024, 8am - 11am 

  • Wednesday, October 30, 2024, 1pm - 4pm 

  • Wednesday, November 13, 2024, 8am- 11am

  • Wednesday, November 20, 2024, 1pm - 4pm 

  • Wednesday, December 11, 2024, 8am - 11am

A brief overview of CSA/CSEC:

Participants will be able to:

• Define and understand the laws pertaining Child Sexual Abuse and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
• Identify and differentiate between “red flags” for abuse and typical behaviors based on developmental age.
• Understand reporting process
• Know child friendly language and communication strategies for discussing SA/CSEC with children and youth
• Identify community resources and how to access them.

Click here to register for the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Training.

  • Thursday, August 15, 2024, 1pm - 4pm 

  • Wednesday, September 19, 2024, 9am - 12pm

  • Tuesday, October 22, 2024, 1pm - 4pm


To schedule a private training for your agency, please contact us at (916) 244-1936 or click to email us today. Open to the Public sessions are only open to Mandated Reporters in Sacramento County.